Iva Bittova

Iva Bittova

Welcome to the Iva Bittova website. Born in the Czech Republic, Iva Bittova began her career as an actress in the mid 1970s. She actually switched to playing violin and singing in the early 1980s.

Her music is well known now and very popular across the World. Iva Bittova now has over 8 solo albums and plays regularly all over Europe, the United States and Japan.

The second of three daughters, she grew up in a musical family. Both her Mother and Father were in the music industry. In 1991, Iva Bittova recorded her first solo album that was followed by River of Milk in the USA.

At the time of this writing, Iva Bittova's most recent album is named "Moravian Gems" with George Mraz, Emil Viklický and Lolo Tropp.

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